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I developed a liking to wine around my first trip to Europe (2006), and also my dad ran the Canadian Ice Wine Festival. I would just drink basic red and white wine, asking for a Sauvignon Blanc for whites and usually a Cabernet for reds, not even understanding that there are so many different types of Cabs, grape Varietals, or good and bad vintages.

I developed a better understanding by going on a few trips to the wine regions in California and touring the Ice Wine Wineries in Niagara on the Lake in Ontario. Although it was more for just going to drink the wines and have fun rather than learning the details about the Varietal and Vintage. It was about three years ago when I met a man who inspired me to learn more and enjoy wine in a different way and is still inspiring and teaching me to this day.

I now have a deep understanding for all of the different Grape Varietals, the good and bad vintages, how to store wine properly, how to decant it property, and serve/drink it at the right temperature. This same man has seen a major change in my palate and knowledge. I know I am not up to his level or even close, but I am still inspired every day to learn. I now enjoy teaching others who were at the level that I was once at and seeing their appreciation.

I now host dinner parties with different wine themes. I have visited many wine regions around the world, such as in South Africa, Italy, France, and Spain. If you are into wine I suggest that you get the app called Wine Searcher, go to wine events at (if you live in South Florida), and watch the documentary called SOMM (about becoming a Master Sommelier).

I hope my Wine page will educate you on Wine and show you some good bottles to try.

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