Rachelle in Fiji

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Travel | 0 comments

FIJI: The country of BULA. Fiji is composed of many islands which all have resorts on them. Diving is good in Fiji. There are many different resorts that range in price from $100 a night to $6000 a night.

NADI is the main island where you need to go to take a Ferri/flight to the outer islands. I went to Savu first and stayed at the Namali resort and spa which is owned by Tony Robbins. The room was really nice and the food was pretty good.

Then I went to Malolo island to the Likuliku resort which has overwater bungalows. The rooms are very nice and the grounds very pretty. The best resort in all of Fiji is the Laucala resort on Laucala Island.

This one is over $5000USD a night and leading hotel of the world resort. Make sure the weather is good if you go to Fiji.