Morocco Trip

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MOROCCO is definitely a unique country worth visiting. There are many parts to see so don’t stay in one place too long. If you fly into Casablanca stay at the Sofitel hotel which is the best in the city and make sure to ask for a room with a view towards the water and city.

Have drinks or both drinks and dinner at Ricks Cafe. Live music, good food, and a fun atmosphere. One night is good enough in Casablanca.

Then either rent a car or hire a driver (you will feel safer to hire a driver) and go to FES. Stay in the medina (old city) at Riad Fes, the Relais, and Chateaux property. It is very unique and a great experience with great quality food.

Have dinner at their restaurant as Relais and Chateaux is known for its great dining experience and quality of food. In the morning hire a guide to take you through the medina. I would recommend starting around 830 am to avoid the crowds and also to watch the local people getting started with their day.

This was such a neat experience!!! Make sure to hire a guide from your hotel. You will probably have people following you to try and get them to be your guide but don’t hire them. Get one from the hotel.

One night in Fes is good. Then it will be a long drive to Marrakech. About 5 hours or so.

Two nights is good there. The best hotels are the Royal Mansour and the Mamounia. They are both leading hotels in the world.

For dinner try both of the Michelin star restaurants at the Royal Mansour, one is French and one Morrocan. For the French one, ask to sit at the chef’s table. Also, the restaurant le Comptoir has a fun atmosphere with action and belly dancers although the food is not as good.

Do the big bus tour in Marrakech. Also, hire a guide to take you around. I thought the Medina in Fes was much more interesting than the one in Marrakech.

Make sure to go ro the big square during the day and at night as you will see different types of street shows. If you are scared of snakes they have snake charmers out during the afternoon. After Marrakech drive to the Atlas Mountains which are beautiful and stay at Sir Richard Branson’s property called Kasbah Tamadot.

It is about 30 minutes from Marrakech. Stay for one night and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have dinner at the property. Very good.

Then after head for the Sahara Desert. There is a Relais and Chateaux property called Dar Alahm (see website below) about 4 hours from Marrakech. It is an all-inclusive property and Very unique and very private.

You feel as though you are in your own home but have butlers and servers. You can have your meals at any hour. They surprise you by setting up your tables in different locations around the property.

A fun experience. They also have their own private camp in the Sahara desert so I would recommend doing that for one night. Was a great experience and very private with your own tent, running water, and a toilet.

They prepare a very beautiful setting in every way. There is many police all over Morocco so you can feel safe.

For more details please message me.