Israel and Petra Jordan Trip

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ISRAEL AND PETRA JORDAN: if you are making a trip to Israel then definitely go to PETRA Jordan for a day. ISRAEL: TEL AVIV: Tel Aviv is the financial city of Israel and much more laid back than Jerusalem. You should try a few different areas while in Tel Aviv.

Try the area of Herzliya and stay at the Ritz Carlton is on the marina and also the beach is within walking distance. This area is very modern. Then stay in the Center of the city close to Neve Zedek which is a really cool area! Definitely stay at the NORMAN hotel. Best hotel in Tel Aviv.

You are within walking distance of everything. Some very good restaurants are in the area of Neve Zedek. Try Dalal for dinner.

Just walk around the area and you will find many neat stores and restaurants. Walk to Old Jaffa and explore the village. Walk along the beach to get there.

You will walk by the marina and then walk up some stairs to the old city of Jaffa, fun bars around the area. Zepra is also a good place for dinner. More of a modern type of restaurant.

Also, Catit is a good choice for dinner. The restaurant at the Norman hotel is definitely worth eating at. And the breakfast is amazing.

If you want a fun wine bar, try Juno or there is a new area in Tel Aviv with a fun wine bar called the Tasting Room. You should rent a car or book a guided tour and go to the Dead Sea and the Masada. Buy some mud for the dead sea which they will sell there.

Just go to one of the public beach’s and skip the spa-type place. JERUSALEM: This city is full of things to see and soooooo much history and religion within the Old City. It has a Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian quarter.

There is the New City and the Old City of Jerusalem. The best hotels are the King David hotel for the history and the amazing breakfast and views from the top floor rooms. Make sure to ask for a room on the top two floors as they are renovated.

The breakfast is definitely worth the stay at the hotel. Don’t bother eating dinner at the hotel, there are much better restaurants in the city to go to. THE MAMILLA HOTEL is amazing.

Great location, new, modern, amazing gym. If you haven’t been to Israel before definitely do King David for one night and then move over to the Mamilla. I would skip the American colony hotel and Waldorf and stick to those hotels.

Some good restaurants are Eucalyptus, Culinary Workshop,, Adom, Machneyuda (hardest restaurant to get into so make reservations well in advance), Kathy’s. Go to the Mahanea Yehuda market. Fun to walk around and try some of the food.

Make sure to stop at the small pizza/bread place (see the business card in the pictures below. It is not actually in the market but just outside). The owner is amazing and is a business entrepreneur that started this place and the food is beyond amazing.

Get the bread with the cheese and egg in the middle. Show him the picture when you go and say hi from Rachelle. Definitely hire a guide through the concierge to take you through the old city of Jerusalem.

There is so much history and things to see that you really need someone that knows the old city very well!!! It is just amazing what you will see and learn. Make sure to do the Western Wall Tunnel Tour!!!

Also Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial is a must: Since you are already in Israel make a trip to Petra Jordan. You can either take a drive there through Eilat or fly from Tel Aviv to Amman Jordan.

If you fly into Amman I would recommend staying at the Four Seasons and then the next morning have an Uber take you to Petra. We stayed overnight at Movenpick hotel which is right outside of the entrance to Petra. PETRA IS AMAZING.

I have a guide I can recommend to you that uses donkeys which can take you to the very top. The story and just everything about the city of PETRA Are definitely worth the extra trip if you are in Israel. There is some decent wine in Israel.

Message me if you have questions.