India Trip

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INDIA: You need a visa in order to enter the country. You can apply online and it will take a few days to be approved. The visa will be good for 30 days once you enter the country.

INDIA is a very unique, diverse, adventurous, thrilling country. I have never experienced anything like it before. They say in order to drive in India you need three important things which are a Good Horn, Good breaks and Good LUCK!!

If you can drive in India you can drive anywhere in the world. It was a crazy thrill-seeking experience being on the road in India. They have some very good hotels in the country.

The top hotel brand is the OBEROI. There is one in almost every city. They were all spectacular in every way.

The restaurants were amazing and so was the service. So when you are in India you cannot go wrong with the Oberoi Hotel and most of them are in the AMEX fine hotels program. Each city in India is very unique: MUMBAI (Bombay): this city is very very crowded.

There are slums everywhere which are areas that people live where the houses are basically made out of some aluminum and tarp and they have their own working community. Hire a guide to take you around to all of the sites and also do the Slum Tour (Slumdog millionaire), where the movie was filmed. OBEROI hotel is amazing and the gourmet Indian restaurant is spectacular.

If you want to try a different area in Mumbai, stay at the Four Seasons. Great rooftop lounge and really great restaurant that is attached to the hotel. GOA: You need to fly there.

It is the resort/beach area of India. The best resort would be the Park Hyatt, although I didn’t think it was up to Park Hyatt standard. It is an AMEX hotel.

BANGALORE: you need to fly there. This city is known as the Silicon Valley part of India, so the technology capital. Many people meet here to do business that has to do with technology.

The Ritz Carlton is a new hotel and very nice with a fun rooftop lounge called Bang. I noticed a lot of young businesspeople at the hotel. DELHI: this is the capital of India and much different than Mumbai.

Seemed less crowded, and didn’t see a lot of slums and very green and pretty parts such as the Parliament area. Hire a driver and guide to take you around and show you all of the sites. LEELA hotel is the best there and has the restaurant Le Cirque.

AGRA: from Delhi hire a driver to drive you to AGRA and also keep that same driver to take you to Jaipur and Ranthambore. It will be less expensive than hiring different drivers along the way. The driver finds their own accommodation to stay in.

AGRA is where the Taj Mahal is. The best hotel is Oberoi and it is also very close to the entrance of the Taj. I recommend going to the Taj Mahal at sunrise.

Hire a guide to go with you. From the Oberoi, they will take you in a golf cart. Great experience and going in the morning avoid the big crowds.

After that have your guide take you to the Fort. JAIPUR: your driver will drive you from Agra to Jaipur. Stay at the Oberoi and ask for a tent room.

Hire a guide in Jaipur to take you around. A lot of the guidebooks talk about how amazing Jaipur is, although I thought all the other cities were more interesting.

RANTHAMBORE: your driver will take you to this village town, known for the Tiger Safaris. OBEROI hotel is amazing. All the rooms are tents.

They have elephants every morning that you can ride. The service and food are amazing. Do the Tiger Safari in the morning.

Get the private jeep and make sure that you request zones 1 to 4. These zones are where you will most likely see the Tigers. The Village scene in Ranthambore is definitely an adventure in itself.

Just driving through the villages you will see roaming cows, camels pulling carts like back in the old days, pigs, crazy driving and so much more. It definitely feels as though you are part of a movie. You really need to experience this to see what I mean.

For restaurants in India: all the restaurants at the Oberoi hotels were amazing so would choose one of the restaurants at the hotels, even the other hotels all had great restaurants. COWS are sacred in India, so you won’t see restaurants serving beef and there are many cows roaming the streets and highways and many of them sleep in the middle of the roads.