Cook Islands Trip

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Travel | 0 comments

The Cook Islands is a nation in the South Pacific, with political links to New Zealand. Its 15 islands are scattered over a vast area. The largest island, Rarotonga, is home to rugged mountains and Avarua, the national capital.

To the north, Aitutaki Island has a vast lagoon encircled by coral reefs and small, sandy islets. The country is renowned for its many snorkeling and scuba-diving sites. PACIFIC RESORT in Aitutaki was amazing.

The service and rooms are amazing. Try Tepunas for dinner which is a small local restaurant and is amazing. Scuba diving is also good but make sure the divemaster takes you far out and not just by the reef close to shore.

I and tried the Aitutaki Lagoon resort. It is in an amazing location with a Lagoon surrounding it, although the service isn’t as good. Get bikes and rise then around the island.

You will see lots of crabs on the roads running into their holes. The easiest way to get there is through Auckland New Zealand or there is one flight a week to and from Los Angeles on Air New Zealand.