China Trip

by | Sep 11, 2021 | Travel | 0 comments

CHINA: There is a lot of pollution in China and the internet is censored so you can’t get on many US newspapers, Google, Facebook, and some other sites. You have to use for a search engine when you are there but it is very limited. Also, the taxis aren’t so nice and some drivers are a bit scary, so take uber or get a car service.

We had a very scary experience at the airport. Also, the people aren’t so friendly. Shanghai: is a big city with a lot of nice areas, hotels, and restaurants.

Take the Big Bus Tour for an overview of the city. The Bund is a nice area with good restaurants. Try Mr. And Mrs. Bund for dinner.

Also People 7 is a really great restaurant. You can go up to the TV Tower and see the view of the city. Great hotels are the Puli and the Mandarin Oriental.

Definitely take the MAGLEV TRAIN to or from the airport. It is the world’s fastest train going over 400km an hour at some times of the day. HANGZHOU: you can take the train from Shanghai which is about 2 hours.

Definitely get the business class seating as you have nice seats and almost your own private car. Do a boat ride on the West Lake. The guy rows the boat for you.

I would recommend taking food and having lunch or sunset drinks while being paddled around. The best resort near Hangzhou is probably the Fuchun resort. It is about an hour from the train station.

BEIJING: The best hotel is The Opposite House!! In a great area with shops and restaurants and great service and rooms. The best thing in Beijing out of all the sites is the Great Wall of China!!!

Stayed at the Aman at Summer Palace but for $1000 a night and for the Aman brand it was definitely not a good experience. The staff didn’t know how to speak English and the service wasn’t great. The Summer Palace was nice to walk around but my favorite attraction in Beijing was the WALL.