Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Travel | 0 comments

Amsterdam is such an amazing city. Two amazing hotels that I tried were hotel L’Europe and The Conservatorium, which used to be the Royal Conservatory of music. Both are very different and in different locations.

They are both Leading Hotels in the World. Try the 2 Michelin restaurants at Hotel L’Europe, called Bor’deau. It is amazing!. Also, Amsterdam has a big Indonesian influence so a good Indonesian restaurant is called Blue Pepper.

Hire a private boat to take you on a trip through the canals. Ask the concierge for the Veuve Cliquot boat/captain. It is a great experience!

It fits two people in the back with some snacks and a half bottle of Veuve and the captain gives you a great overview of the city. It is much better than the big tour boats that carry 100 people. And of course, check out the red light district.

Also, smoking pot and eating hash brownies are legal in Amsterdam and they call the shops where you buy it “coffee shops”