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I am from Canada so growing up there in the winters it was sooooo cold. I started enjoying traveling at a young age when my parents would take my sister and I to Florida twice a year. We would go to Orlando (Disney World) and St. Pete Beach during our Christmas break from school and to my Uncle Bob’s cottage in Mexico Beach (near Panama City) for our Spring break. We would worship the sun and always be outside so we would be tanned when we went back to see our friends at school (not so proud of that now, because the sun is so bad for you). I didn’t go on a plane for my first time until I was maybe 10 and we would always drive to Florida.

We loved to stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast because of the store they have at the front and we would buy our friends gifts there. My parents also took us to Mexico a few times, Acapulco and Huatolco. I fell in love with Mexico!!! We would go on small trips around Ontario also. When I was in University, my sister worked for Carnival Cruise Lines so I got to go on two Cruises with her which went around the Caribbean. That was as far as I traveled until 2006, when I got to go to Europe for my first time.


I went to Italy and Greece on a Silver Sea Cruise. Wow, this was an eye opening experience. I still remember taking the Donkeys up the mountain in Santorini Greece. Then every summer after that we would go to Italy. Capri was always a must. It is one of the most beautiful islands I have been to. Running the trails, the small alley ways, the chair lift to the top of Ana Capri. I can go on and on. Italy, France, Greece and Alaska were the summer trips up until two years ago when I went to Argentina for three weeks and then a few months after that booked a one way ticket to Istanbul Turkey and a Regent Cruise for 10 days and then ended up being gone for 5 months straight with no plans after the cruise.

We ended up traveling to just over 20 Countries in 5 months. We would plan as we go, by looking for the good weather. We would sometimes book our plane tickets at the airport and a few hours before on-line. We would book our hotels when we arrived to make sure we liked them and would only book for one night at time so we could try different hotels. We went all over Europe, to the middle East and ended in South Africa. After being back in the USA for 4 months I then went on my longest trip of 7 straight months and going to about 35 Countries traveling the same spontaneous way. This time starting in Hawaii and doing all of Asia, to the middle East and ending in Madeira!!

I love traveling spontaneously, packing light, trying new places, always having good vino and trying the different foods in all of the countries. I hope you enjoy my travel page and that I can give you some ideas for trips to go on, travel tips and new adventures.

Rachelle honored with Realtor Magazine Editorial Excellence Award
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