Why You Need to Know About Beta Glucan

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Did you know there have been over 10,000 scientific studies looking at Beta Glucan and its effects on your immune system?


If you want to protect your family from the impending cold and flu season, you’ll want to get to know this powerful nutrient. Vitamin C is not your only option!   If you’ve never heard of Beta Glucan, you’re not alone. But there have been over 10,000 scientific studies looking at Beta Glucan and its effects on your immune system![1]


Why is Beta Glucan so important?


Do you experience stress? From work, home responsibilities, or even intense exercise? I have some news for you: You have a compromised immune system. Luckily for you, Beta Glucan helps to keep your immune system functioning at its peak, even when you’re stressed out. If your body has a steady supply of Beta Glucan, you’re 60% less likely to get sick this winter! [2][3]   Also, if you do happen to get sick, science shows that Beta Glucan decreases the severity of your symptoms.[4] You’ll still have the energy to take care of your kids, and that clogged-up nose won’t keep you awake all night!


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How do I get Beta Glucan?


Beta Glucan is actually found in a number of different foods like barley, oats, seaweed, and nutritional yeast.   It’s also in mushrooms like reishi, maitake, oyster, and shiitake.    If you’re looking to increase the Beta Glucan in your diet, check out our Ultimate Shrooms blend. It has all 4 of these Beta Glucan-containing mushrooms in it, along with other health-promoting mushrooms and ingredients.


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Here’s why I love Ultimate Shrooms more than other mushroom blends


It IS: USDA Organic, 100% Vegan, and Non-GMO   It’s FREE FROM:  Gluten, Caffeine, Dairy, Mycelium, Brown Rice Substrate, Fillers, and Starches.   How it’s MADE: Instead of being grown in industrial conditions (and having compromised nutritional content), our mushrooms are grown in pristine organic conditions on wooden logs, the way nature intended, to ensure their integrity and potency. 


If you want to get your body ready for winter and protect your immune system, you can find out more about our Ultimate Shrooms blend here. You won’t regret it.