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I got into fitness at a very young age because my parents were active and I would go to the gym with my mom. I then started running outside to stay fit and thin.

In high school I played five sports which included cross country running, cross country skiing, track, badminton, volleyball and rowing (CREW). I was just average at all of them, some better than others until I met a girl named Tara who inspired me in every way. She was an amazing athlete (always winning first place), always got A’s in the class room, and was beautiful. She inspired me to work very hard because I wanted to be the best like her. Through my hard work I became one of the top athletes on the rowing and cross country running team. I even started getting recruited by universities to come and row for them on an Athletic Scholarship.

My last year of high school I was given the Student Athlete of the Year award, which is given to one male and one female from each high school who has worked hard in the classroom, receiving high grades and also has excelled in athletics. I was so honored by this. Then after driving across the USA with my Dad looking at the schools that were recruiting me and offering me an athletic scholarship, I decided to go to Creighton University. There I was one of the top athletes on the team. We would train about 6 hours a day, both on the water (erg in the winter) and in the weight room. Our practices started around 5am every morning.

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I won some of the indoor erg races, erging a 2000K race on the erg in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. I also got the record in the weight room for the hip sled endurance test, which is 2.5 times your body weight and doing as many reps as you can. I did 150 reps and beat all the men and the woman athletes ever at Creighton ( now I am sure my record has been broken). During the summers I would go back to Canada and row for the Don Rowing Club in Mississauga where I would race in both an eight and a pair. My pair partner and I won the Canadian Henley which was always a dream for me. That summer I was also chosen to participate in a commercial for the upcoming Olympics. (see the video on the site).

After my 4 years of Collegiate Rowing, I was so burned out that I started running and doing 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and full marathons. My PR for the Half Marathon is 1:28:07, Full 3:17, sub 20 for the 5k and around 40 minutes for the 10k. I try and race every weekend when I am in town and many times come in the top three. Then a friend of mine got me into doing triathlons. The first triathlon I did I used a mountain bike, then I bought a tri bike. I only use my bike in the races because I am scared of riding outside with all of the crazy drivers in Florida. I train by doing Flywheel, which is an intensive spinning class. I do sprint and International distances for the triathlons and hope to one day train for and complete a full Ironman. My sprint times for triathlon are usually under an hour. I love competing and try and get faster all of the time. I just joined a Triathlon Team called Tri 2One with Marcelo Holtzberg. I also love trying out different gyms, such as Flywheel, Barrys Boot Camp, Orange Theory Fitness, Barre Classes, Bikram Yoga, Pilates (Pro Pilates in Fort Lauderdale is my favorite).