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“I hope you will enjoy my website and learn some tips from each of my passions that will help you explore new opportunities and adventures.”

About Me

I am from London Ontario, Canada and currently live in Miami, Florida. My main passions are Fitness, Traveling and Wine.


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About me

Hi, I am Rachelle

I am from London Ontario, Canada and currently live in Miami, Florida. My main passions are Fitness, Traveling and Wine.

I got into Fitness at a young age because my mom always would go and do aerobics classes so I would go with her. In high school I was involved in 5 different sports teams. I became very focused on rowing (CREW) which led me to receive an athletic scholarship to attend Crieghton University and get my BSc in Exercise Science. After Creighton I went on to Graduate School which led me to the sunny state of Florida where I pursued my MS Degree in Exercise Physiology. I was given the award of a Graduate Assistant position, teaching undergraduate classes and helping out with research projects.

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There are opportunities everywhere

There are opportunities everywhere in life. You just need to be open minded and look outside of that square box. You need to manifest what you actually want in life and not be closed off to anything. Wherever you go there could be an opportunity right next to you. Talk to the person next to you, ask them how their day is. Ask them what their passions are and ask them what they do for work and how you could help them. Add Value into other people lives. All these things drive opportunity to you. Make a difference in someone else’s life and your life will change in all aspects. Be addicted to creating memories of the future vs memories of the past!!

Real Estate

I do things outside of the normal real estate agent. I go outside of the box and use networking skills to create opportunities for others. When you listen to people and learn what they like and want and add value to them this is…

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I was never a natural athlete and always work hard to achieve the results I get. The drive and consistency of being an NCAA Collegiate athlete have transferred over into all aspects of life. My passions are running races, triathlons, working out…

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Top Earner

One of my passions is making a difference in other’s lives like other people have made in my life. Like the movie “Pay it Forward”. I found my passion for this when I started working with this amazing company called Live Ultimate…

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip

Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip

Rachelle Ginsberg Travel | Amsterdam, Netherlands Trip | Amsterdam is such an amazing city. Two amazing hotels that I tried were hotel L’Europe …

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I have traveled to over 70 Countries which was one of the most incredible experiences ever. I love to share my itineraries with others who have a passion for travel. I have created a travel blog to help you find the best hotels, restaurants, and places to go.

Memorial Day –  Boca Raton, FL

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